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Liteblue is the official portal for USPS Employees to access all benefits , payroll and schedules on managing their work timings. Some of the employees have trouble accessing – official website. So, we thought this article could help you in what you want to achieve with liteblue login.

This article is all about United States Postal Service which aims to provide a better communication across the nation. It is essential to have a automation web application to manage USPS Employees. Lite Blue is the online solution offered by USPS for their employees to help with payments, payroll, retirement policies and more.

LiteBlue Login Tutorial: Online Portal for Employees of

Lite Blue, a management program for USPS Employees. Being the most used postal service in United States, employs more than millions people and wants to get communicated with their employees in the best suitable way. Lite blue is the effective way to manage them.


LiteBlue USPS, self service tool by for its employees. From this portal, you could manage all your employment information and other benefits along with it. Also you could update your personal information and add family member details.

Facts about LiteBlue USPS :

  • Initially, It was named as Post Office Department, USA.
  • For better transparency and standard, Two different types of mailing services are offered ie., First class and Standard mail.
  • Millions of people daily use USPS postal service and every one uses usps tracking website to check the status of your post.
  • Overall revenue of is $1.4 Trillion.

How to Access Website:

Once you became the employee of USPS, you will get you employee id and first step after you get employee id is you need to create password before login.

Once you had created your password for your employee id, you can follow the below steps to login liteblue account.

liteblue login

  1. From your PC Computer or Mobile Devices, Open any available browser you have on the device.
  2. Visit the official page –
  3. Now enter your employee id on the desired box.
  4. Enter your login password what you created.
  5. Click on “Login ON” button

With these credential, you could easily able to access usps liteblue epayroll once you login and access all your employee information from USPS.

NOTE: Website is managed by US Government. Only Authorize if you have permissions to access the website.

Forgot LiteBlue Login Password

User credentials are necessary for lite blue login purpose, if you had forgotten your password for lite blue then its essential to reset your SSP Password. SSP is a tool to manage most of your options on Lite Blue account.

If you are new recruit with employee id, you need to create SSP Password first. If you are an existing employee and set your password but forgotten means, you could reset from the below steps.

Before that we will tell you more about SSP stands for Self Service Portal to manage your personal information including email, contact number and other personal information.

How to change (SSP) Self-Service Profile Password

If you wish to change SSP password, kindly follow the below steps as we would guide your through out the whole process in changing self service profile password.

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. You will see “Forget your password?” below liteblue login form.
  3. Click on that link and you will be redirected to SSP verification page.
  4. You need to verify Employee ID to proceed further.
  5. Follow the next instructions to reset your logon passwords.

liteblue usps gov

What things you could do with USPS LiteBlue:

Here are the list of various things you could do once you logon to lite blue website:

  • Manage your career improvement program.
  • Monitor your liteblue epayroll
  • Get notified about latest services offered by USPS.
  • View everything about all available products.
  • Access PostEASE to monitor your savings.
  • Submit your feedback about your experience with

Beware of Phishing site:

Never ever share your employee id and passwords online. Make sure you are using official website to submit your login credentials. USPS had warned their employees to avoid feeling prey for those phishing attacks. Always access official USPS website:


This site and article is for educational purpose only and we are not responsible if you handle it wrong way. We never ask for user credentials like employee id and password. Never submit your details in any manner with our website. We are never associated with or LiteBlue or any of the other services website by USPS. In no way we are related with the USPS company owner or it’s websites.

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  1. I have tried to log in but the log in site is not responding. Since I am planning on retiring soon I would like to be able to access the information I need to do this. Or, if possible speak with someone who can assist me in doing the paperwork required. I have heard it is not an easy thing to accomplish. My home phone number is 509-657-3373. I will be available mornings on Wednesday and Thursday (11/28 and 29) or Friday 11/30).

  2. just got appointment and i am yet to serve the us postal station in my town. i just got tutorial guide on how to use usps liteblue login portal.

  3. usps employees get best benefits for their family. its diffcult to manage everything so usps have their communication with employee from website.

  4. its been 2 years since i started to work with usps . my work always gets paid off with appreciation. everytime is used to check my payroll at liteblue login portal.

  5. Working with is always more convenient. Work schedules and other timings are perfect and well suitable for everyone.

  6. i love working with usps. Their care for their employees is always top notch and they always provides more benefits for their employees.

  7. tried to logon, but i cant able. my password and username is correct. still i am not able to login from liteblue login page.

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